How to create an OXAccount and unlock Keys within the License Database

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There has been purchased an Open-Xchange Product which includes Maintenance and there were delivered one or more License or Support keys. What has to be done with those Keys?


There are two steps which have to be done:

  • Creating an OXAccount within the License Database
  • Unlocking a received key

Creating an OX Account within the License Database

The License Database (LDB) is accessable  at

An account  can be created by clicking to Register. A new page opens. All required fields have to be filled correctly to get a functioning OXAccount.

Unlocking a Maintenance, License or Support Key within an OXAccount 

Once there is a valid OXAccout a login to the LDB needs the OXAccount username and the password. To unlock a Key Activate a license must be clicked. After the Key has been unlocked successfully it appears within the overview or is shown by clicking to List licenses.

Accepting the corresponding EULA of a license

Some licenses, e.g. a migration license, requires accepting the corresponding EULA. Accepting the EULA can be done by pressing Confirm beside the license within the EULA column. If there have been activated more keys with the same EULA, this step has to be done only once.

Activating a sublicense


  • After a click on "List licenses" on the left there is an overview of the activated licenses
  • An Open-Xchange license is identified by a row with an entry in the column "License Key"
  • If there was a sublicense bought for this license it will be shown in the row directly below the license
  • In the column "Sublicense" there will be a link "activate now". Click it.
  • There is shown a form where additional data specific to this type of sublicense needs to be entered. After entering all the information the button "activate" has to be clicked.
  • After a short time you will all dedails of the sublicense are displayed.
  • The certificate or file for the sublicense can be downloaded then


What is an OXAccount needed for?

To get access to Maintenance Updates, Patch Releases (requires Advanced Support with Level 3 Entitlement) there is required a valid Maintenance Agreement. All the Keys are collected within an OXAccount.

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