OXtender for MS Outlook (OX5) (Discontinued Support) (7)

OXtender for Outlook isn't started after Outlook Upgrade


After upgrading Microsoft Outlook to a new version the OXtender isn't loaded anymore.


How to activate “capture XML Traffic to debug” in Oxtender 4.2.X during the launch of Outlook


You want to start “capture XML Traffic to debug” in Oxtender 4.2.X already during the launch of Outlook.

OXtender is not activated when Outlook starts the first time - How to activate OXlook add-in?


After starting Outlook an error message is shown, that the OXtender plugin (oxlook.dll) could not be loaded. The user is asked whether the plugin should be deactivated.

How to create an update server for Outlook-Oxtender

You would like to set up an Update Server for Outlook-Oxtender and deploy the new version to all your Windows-Clients.


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