OXtender for Mac OS X (Discontinued Support) (9)

MAC OXtender does not sync anymore, i dont see any new item in iCal

If your MAC OXtender is not working anymore, then you should try running the following recovery procedure:

1. System Preferences -> OXtender -> disable OXtender for MAC

How can I synchronize my OX-Data to my Mobile?

All mobile devices connected to the Mac, like iPhones, iPods and cell phones from other manufacturers, as well as software from third-party ISVs that support iSync can access Open-Xchange data.

Is there any Offline-Functionality?

Even without a connection to the Internet, users can continue to work without interruption.

Which Requirements are to be fulfilled by the Open-Xchange Server?

- Open-Xchange Server 6 SP4 Update 1 or higher.
- The Update 1 is available for all customers with a Open-Xchange Hosting Edition or Open-Xchange Server Edition Maintenance.

Which Requirements are to be fulfilled by my Mac OS X System?

- Mac OS X 10.5 and up
- 26 MByte of storage space

What is the default time for synchronization?

If the user changes any data on their Mac OS X, the synchronization will be started after a 10 seconds waiting time via "Trickle-Sync".

Which components will be synchronized?

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks: Objects will be regular synchronized via SyncServices. The following folders will be synchronized
- Contacts - Private Address book and the Public Address book

What is with the Open-Xchange InfoStore Objects?

Via the configuration dialog, it is possible to enable the synchronization of the InfoStore files via access as Network Volume.

Which data will be synchronized between Open-Xchange Server 6 and Mac OS X

The OXtender for Mac OS X synchronizes Open-Xchange Server 6 with your Mac OS X computer. Data of the following modules will be synchronized:
- Calendar
- Contacts
- Task

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