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OX Mail App V1.x for iOS is unusable slow running on Apple iOS11

After updating to iOS 11 the OX Mail App V1.x becomes unusable slow. Each interaction takes very long so that the App is effectively unusable.

Default and mandatory browser settings

If you are facing issues by working with the Web-GUI please first revert to default browser settings before filing a bug.

Mailfilters can not be set up in the GUI even though the package open-xchange-mailfilter is installed


You installed the package open-xchange-mailfilter but you are unable to set up mailfilters within the GUI.


Internet Explorer 9 not loading the web interface

Problem: Accessing the web interface is not possible, after the login there is no progess, it stalls at 0 %.

Ticket Hook of Open-Xchange's Ticket System has changed

To avoid incompabilities with our customers' Ticketsystems, we have changed the Ticket Hook of the Ticket System.

Open-Xchange Support kontaktieren

Den bisherigen Inhalt dieser Seite finden Sie unter http://www.open-xchange.com/contact-support-de.

How to contact the Open-Xchange Support?

The content of this side has been moved.

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