"Warning: Unable to connect to the OX server. Correct the information bellow and try again." when using Plesk OXtender


Appointment notifications and mobile devices


Issue with importing external appointment invitations on Mac OS X


Internet Explorer 9 not loading the web interface

Problem: Accessing the web interface is not possible, after the login there is no progess, it stalls at 0 %.

No permission to access components within the Online Update module


You would like to update your system but the Online Update module claims there weren't the permission to access the repository.

Android calendar sync with Exchange Active Sync is not working

Synchronization with an Android phone over Exchange Active Sync (EAS) is working for emails and contacts but not calendar entries.

How to recreate Outlook Services with the Support Tool

Starting with OXtender-Version 7.0.35 we have introduced a new function with the Support Tool to recreate services for Outlook.

Manual configuration change necessary after update to 6.20 Rev29


In the update to 6.20 Rev29 we introduced a functional change to the handling and logging of client IP addresses.

Changing permission levels for OX users via accesscombination "name" returns error.

If you encounter following response after executing provisioning methods which are related to "change module access" via SOAP , CLT, RMI:

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