OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook suddenly stops working when certain intrusion detection software is running

Possible symptoms:

Limit LDAP Access on OXASE

With the standard settings the LDAP server ports 389/636 are currently available from any location.

Enable HTTPS between Open-Xchange and USM

How to enable HTTPS between Open-Xchange and USM

Installing OLOX2 fails with "Error adding "OXSTOR_SVC" service: Could not add a service"


Will S/MIME signed (encrypted) mails be supported by the OXtender 2 for Micrsoft Outlook?

No, maybe later. This is currently in planning.

How to solve a "Max. session size for user 4 in context 1 exceeded" situation

Trying to login with an user fails with an error message

Is it possible to synchronize public folders beside of the private folders as well?

Yes. There is an experimental feature which allows synching all folders. It can be enabled by editing the file:

OXtender2 installation can not be started using OXUpdater


Installation of OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook_vVersion_LANGUAGE.exe can not be started via OXUpdater

Vacation message cannot be activated nor saved

Trying to activate/deactivate or change the content of a vacation message doesn't work. The changes are dropped and the status isn't changed.

User Login fails in POA environment when updating OXHE to Version 6.20


After updating OXHE to version 6.20 in a POA environment user login fails and the OX-logfile shows the following error stacktrace:

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