FAQ - OXtender for Mac OS X (Discontinued Support)

All mobile devices connected to the Mac, like iPhones, iPods and cell phones from other manufacturers, as well as software from third-party ISVs that support iSync can access Open-Xchange data.

Even without a connection to the Internet, users can continue to work without interruption.

- Open-Xchange Server 6 SP4 Update 1 or higher.
- The Update 1 is available for all customers with a Open-Xchange Hosting Edition or Open-Xchange Server Edition Maintenance.

- Mac OS X 10.5 and up
- 26 MByte of storage space

If the user changes any data on their Mac OS X, the synchronization will be started after a 10 seconds waiting time via "Trickle-Sync".

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks: Objects will be regular synchronized via SyncServices. The following folders will be synchronized
- Contacts - Private Address book and the Public Address book

Via the configuration dialog, it is possible to enable the synchronization of the InfoStore files via access as Network Volume.

The OXtender for Mac OS X synchronizes Open-Xchange Server 6 with your Mac OS X computer. Data of the following modules will be synchronized:
- Calendar
- Contacts
- Task

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