FAQ - Report Client (EN)

The Open-Xchange report client which both displays and reports acitvated users with their permissions.

The report has to be sent once per month.

Is the right Maintenance Key from the main Open-Xchange Hosting Edition or Open-Xchange Server Edition registered in the reporting tool?

Access will be activated immediately upon receipt of a valid report. A report can be triggered instantly manually.

Maintenance (download updates) and support will be discontinued if there is no current report. "Current" means within 30 days.

Access of maintenance requires proof of a valid maintenance subscription for all Open-Xchange users operating at the respective installation.

Confidence in data security is very important. Therefore, no personal data will be transferred and the complete process is completely transparent and traceable.

The Report Client transfers all data over an encrypted HTTP connection. The connection is always started by the Open-Xchange Server and the mechanism provides no way to reach the server from outside.

Open-Xchange or the system integrator that implemented your Open-Xchange system will get back to you to address the sublicensing.

That's not possible. Please contact your Open-Xchange partner, your account manager at Open-Xchange or info _AT_ open-xchange.com.

No, it's currently not possible to send the report via e-mail.

The transferred data will be saved without personal information on the Open-Xchange system.

It will not transfer any personal information. Only the registered Maintenance Key, the number of created users, and the version number of the Open-Xchange installation will be transferred.

The report activates the LDB account, under which the Maintenance Key is registered that is transmitted within the report.

No, of course not, because Open-Xchange does not guarantee maintenance and technical support for Community Edition.

The report client is not required for Open-Xchange versions based on Univention Corporate Server.

It is required for Open-Xchange Server Edition, and Open-Xchange Hosting Edition starting with version 6.14.

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