OX Mail App V1.x for iOS is unusable slow running on Apple iOS11

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After updating to iOS 11 the OX Mail App V1.x becomes unusable slow. Each interaction takes very long so that the App is effectively unusable.

Starting with iOS 11 it seems that the Apache Cordova Application Library which is used by OX Mail App behaves different than with previous Releases of iOS. We are using this Library to integrate the native contacts of the App for the List View as well as for the Autocomplete.

To work around this issue the Permission to access the iOS address book from within the App needs to be revoked/disabled. This can be done on the first startup of the OX Mail App V1.x or at any time using Settings -> Privacy -> Contacts

This issue will finally be resolved with the upcoming new Version of the OX Mail App which is planned to be released during the next couple of months.

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