S3 storage access doesn't work after App Suite middleware update to 7.8.4-Rev28

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After updating to latest middleware version 7.8.4-Rev28 the access to S3 storage systems doesn't work any more. During startup of the middleware you see error messages like

Message='Invalid configuration: Neither
"com.openexchange.filestore.s3.[variable]..ecretKey" nor
"com.openexchange.filestore.s3.default..ecretKey" is specified'


A problem in the S3 bundle (open-xchange-filestore-s3) prevents reading the correct configuration values but searches for


(an "." instead of "s" in secretKey") instead of the really existing values.


You can rename the configuration option by changing the parameter(s) "*.secretKey" into "*..ecretKey" (changing the "s" to a ".") and restart the middleware afterwards. Once the final solution has been provided, this change needs to be revoked.


This causing bug will be fixed and released with 7.8.4-Rev29 and higher. 

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