Using browser developer mode

Sometimes it is necessary to get more information about the network traffic from within the browser. All modern browsers support a "developer" mode where all information is recorded.

All nodes on Galera cluster crash on foreign key check

[ERROR] Slave SQL: Could not execute Delete_rows event on table fk.parent; Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails

OXtender database disk image is malformed due to Bad Shutdown

Database disk image is malformed


Outlook customers may get this error message time to time:

OXtender and Kaspersky Antivirus

OXtender and Kaspersky

Internet Explorer 9 not loading the web interface

Problem: Accessing the web interface is not possible, after the login there is no progess, it stalls at 0 %.

Changing limits in POA + OX-HE environments for mail attachments and infostore uploads

Necessary server settings for using OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook

Please read http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Updater#Configurati...

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