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Text can not be written within OX Text Document when having Grammerly Browser Extension installed and active 55 min 38 sec ago5
Setting default Appsuite UI parameters via configuration 17 weeks 1 day ago167
OX Mail App V1.x for iOS is unusable slow running on Apple iOS11 24 weeks 5 days ago302
Using browser developer mode 24 weeks 6 days ago269
All nodes on Galera cluster crash on foreign key check 40 weeks 1 day ago932
Windows Mobile 10: save/delete buttons in calendars appointment view gone after it was changed in App Suite UI 41 weeks 2 hours ago451
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread 1 year 7 weeks ago853
OutOfMemory Direct buffer memory with enabled JVM flag DisableExplicitGC 1 year 40 weeks ago2719
report client throws "java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair" error 1 year 45 weeks ago2930
Setting reigstry BasicUserAuthenticationLevel to 2 during OXConnector Install 2 years 1 week ago6516
Hanging threads stuck at ImageTransformationsTask are flooding the log files 2 years 15 weeks ago6038
Is Open-Xchange App Suite affected by the recently discovered Java object de-serialisation "InvokerTransformer" vulnerability? 2 years 16 weeks ago3173
Guard lock symbol not appearing in the email compose 2 years 37 weeks ago6209
PGP Signing of unencrypted emails not working 2 years 37 weeks ago5148
EAS only: appointments of a series are wrong displayed, exception gets deleted when changing an appointment in a very short time 2 years 37 weeks ago3276
OX Spreadsheet CalcEngine and Memory Settings 2 years 37 weeks ago2268
Outlook Shared (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc) Folder not visible 2 years 43 weeks ago2962
OX not starting because of wrong osgi directory permissions 2 years 44 weeks ago2272
[Fixed] Task Module does not show any tasks after updating to 7.6.2 2 years 45 weeks ago1817
Usage of usmsession to enable server side EAS Debug logging 3 years 1 week ago2972
.properties files don't allow comments after a config option 3 years 7 weeks ago2624
[Fixed] Using OXtender for MS Outlook shared IMAP folders aren't synced any more 3 years 8 weeks ago3105
How to Setup DEBUG log level for a specific user using logconf for com.openexchange.usm Class 3 years 15 weeks ago4191
[Fixed] OX server doesn't start after updating from 7.6.0 to 7.6.1 3 years 21 weeks ago2796
OXtender database disk image is malformed due to Bad Shutdown 3 years 21 weeks ago2937
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