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"com.openexchange.grizzly.remoteAddress" and "com.openexchange.login.clientIp" don't contain client IP addresses anymore 2 hours 9 min ago13
Stored languages settings aren't used after update to 7.8.4-Rev34 when formlogin is used 1 week 3 days ago16
S3 storage access doesn't work after App Suite middleware update to 7.8.4-Rev28 10 weeks 4 hours ago113
Text can not be written within OX Text Document when having Grammerly Browser Extension installed and active 16 weeks 1 day ago139
Setting default Appsuite UI parameters via configuration 33 weeks 3 days ago463
OX Mail App V1.x for iOS is unusable slow running on Apple iOS11 41 weeks 1 hour ago505
Using browser developer mode 41 weeks 1 day ago422
All nodes on Galera cluster crash on foreign key check 1 year 4 weeks ago1368
Windows Mobile 10: save/delete buttons in calendars appointment view gone after it was changed in App Suite UI 1 year 5 weeks ago560
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread 1 year 23 weeks ago982
OutOfMemory Direct buffer memory with enabled JVM flag DisableExplicitGC 2 years 4 weeks ago2944
report client throws "java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair" error 2 years 9 weeks ago3145
Setting reigstry BasicUserAuthenticationLevel to 2 during OXConnector Install 2 years 17 weeks ago6657
Hanging threads stuck at ImageTransformationsTask are flooding the log files 2 years 31 weeks ago6184
Is Open-Xchange App Suite affected by the recently discovered Java object de-serialisation "InvokerTransformer" vulnerability? 2 years 32 weeks ago3304
Guard lock symbol not appearing in the email compose 3 years 1 week ago6327
PGP Signing of unencrypted emails not working 3 years 1 week ago5286
EAS only: appointments of a series are wrong displayed, exception gets deleted when changing an appointment in a very short time 3 years 1 week ago3385
OX Spreadsheet CalcEngine and Memory Settings 3 years 1 week ago2410
Outlook Shared (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc) Folder not visible 3 years 8 weeks ago3354
OX not starting because of wrong osgi directory permissions 3 years 8 weeks ago2527
[Fixed] Task Module does not show any tasks after updating to 7.6.2 3 years 9 weeks ago1909
Usage of usmsession to enable server side EAS Debug logging 3 years 17 weeks ago3165
.properties files don't allow comments after a config option 3 years 23 weeks ago2706
[Fixed] Using OXtender for MS Outlook shared IMAP folders aren't synced any more 3 years 24 weeks ago3317
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